Heal Thy Self Massage and Wellness



MeridiansThere are many ways that wellness is obtained by individuals. Some approach it merely by how they look on the outside.

My approach to wellness is to work from the inside out, which means that when you receive bodywork or energywork you may think or feel that you are only getting physical relief from your aches and pains.

Our body shows us on a daily basis where our internal energy (our life force) is blocked or completely depleted. This is can be seen by the color and texture of our skin, the condition of our hair, or just simply by the way we feel each day. When we are stressed, worried, or not sure of where we are to be in life, you can see it in your face.

Everyday when we look in the mirror we do see what is going on in the inside of us, but we do not realize how all of these factors and the environment play such an enormous role in our lives. We are not only carrying around with us all of the current things going on in our life but we have deep inside of us all the past from childhood on inside of our body.