Heal Thy Self Massage and Wellness

Massage Services

Massage is an overall benefit to your well-being.

 It affects you physically, mentally, and spiritually. It soothes your aches and stress away. Whether you would like a soothing light touch massage to just relax your mind and body from all the worries in your life or a deep tissue massage to work on the trigger points of discomfort in your muscles.

The pressure applied to your body is what you desire. Whether you like a light touch or deep pressure, it is your time to receive the benefits from your massage.

Your massage is designed for you. It is not what a therapist thinks you need it is what your body tells you what it needs. Each time you come to me your sessions are not the same as another person. Your aches and pains may be in the same areas as others but your need is different then anyone else.

One-hour massage

During your full sixty minutes of massage your body has time to relax and receive the soothing touch on your scalp, face, neck, shoulders, arms, legs, and back. Some clients during their one-hour session requests to have upper body work only. This is all right. ½ Hour massage: This 30-minute concentrated session is designed to work specific problem areas. Such as your neck, face, shoulders or your back.

1½ Hour massage

Pamper yourself and relieve stress with your 90-minute luxury body massage. In addition to the one hour massage more time can be devoted to your neck and back. You can even spend time to soothe your tired and sore feet.

Foot massage

Imagine 30 minutes of pampering time devoted just to your feet. Enjoy this luxuriating attention given from your ankles all the way to your toes.

Energy centers and chakra balancing

(one hour session): 

Restore balance and harmony to your physical, mental and spiritual, being. Experience the healing power that this energetic body work provides. Unlock the blocked pathways of your internal energy flow. Colored massage oils are used for your specific balancing needs.